What are the Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior?

  What are the Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior?   The Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior: Many people believe that cats operate on their own schedules.    Paying little attention to their owners as long as they have clean litter, food, and water.   Cats have…

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Top 10 Common Health Problems Of Cats.

There are many Common Health Problems Of Cats. If you're new to cat ownership, you might be shocked to learn that health issues are rather frequent. Health issues are unavoidable no matter what breed of cat you keep. Some may be inherited, while others can be…


Dogs and Cats Under the Same Roof

Can you train dogs and cats to be a friends under the same roof? What is difference between cats and dogs in behavior? Dogs are often territorial and will fight not just new cats but other new dogs as well. They tend to mark their territory…

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Ring worm in cat

Cats And Ring Worm

What is the ring worm? Ringworm is a very common form of skin disease that is found in both dogs and cats.  Although its name makes you think otherwise, this skin disease isn’t caused by any type of worm.  It’s actually caused by fungi known as…